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E-marketing is one of the methods that gained considerable attention in the business world. This is attributed to the fact that it functions than the conventional marketing methods. Despite its success in the business world, it has been faced with a number of challenges that need considerable attention.


Individual companies and organizations have developed websites that are aimed at reaching a considerable number of the target market. These websites have had their flaws and thus, the need to improve or adopt a different website that is of attraction to the user. A number of strategies have been proposed to improve the look and feel of the website such as using different advertising strategies and search engine optimization. Majority of online stores use e-marketing as a tool to advertise and sell their products and services, in this study, the website of Amazon.com will be analyzed, and suggestions offered in regard to the website. Although the company has done much on the website, there are a few things to be added and others improved. For example, the company can consider including mobile phone technology in its payment system. The organization can also take measures to allow users access its services through their smartphones. In addition, the company can engage Search Engine Optimization in order to ensure that it gets the most traffiick which may end up being transformed to customers.

E-marketing: Amazon
Jeff Bozos founded Amazon.com in 1994, and the company has grown quickly to become a successful e-commerce company (business) in the universe. Today, the company is among the Fortune 500 companies and of the biggest online retailers in United States. ...
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