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Final Exam Student Name: Tutor’s Name: Subject: Date of Submission: Section 1 Task 1 The CU Denver Guitar Festival was one of the events that I attended within the campus. This event was organized by the College of Arts and Media. This event aimed at offering artistic significance, quality, and relevance to the inherent student and the staff society.


I interviewed two of the students who attended the festival, John and Stephen, and they attended the festival because they have a passion for music, particularly the guitar. In the interview, I asked the students about the course they were pursuing at the university, why they attended the festival, how they came to learn about the festival, and whether they would like to have similar festivals in the future. From the responses obtained, both interviewees were pursuing music as a major course, and that they attended the festival because they have a profound passion for music. Additionally, they noted that they learnt about the event through a poster and that they would like to have such events in the future. The turnout of the event was not pleasing and most of the students who attended the event were pursuing Music. This implies that the event was not publicized enough to grant a huge attendance. As a result, future events should be publicized not only through posters but also through word of mouth, posters, and announcements in gatherings. Task 2 I visited Nielsen Market Research Company on 2nd May. This was after I had informed the company about my visit and arranged for it. The organization takes immense pride in its focus group facilities. The company allowed me to be part of a focus group. ...
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