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CUSTOMER ACQUISATION VERSUS RETENTION Name Course Institution Instructor Date Abstract Seasons have changed from the traditional time when the business world was not that crowded and one retailer had the capacity to serve a vast region with little effort to lure customers as the need for commodities simply drove them to the retailer.


Today’s business premises stand side-by-side, selling similar commodities and equally expecting to win customers for sales. This has equally necessitated the need for strategic customer service that will win customer loyalty in order to retain them. This has by far been influenced by the emerging trends in business today where the online trade has slowly taken over the business sphere. Customer acquisition or dismissal is held in the power of just a click of the mouse. The efforts and practices that traders are adopting to win customers and retain them encompass certain costs. This paper intends to evaluate, compare as well as contrast the costs that business incur in order to win customers to their side and well enough retain them for future sales. There are also varying interactions and relations that hold between business and business and between business and customers both before sales and after sales. This paper will also evaluate these relations as pertains to winning customers as well as retaining the customers. There exist various schools of thought as pertains to the topic of customer acquisition and customer retention. ...
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