Fashion Retail Marketing

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Fashion Retail Marketing Contents Contents 2 Executive Summary 3 Brand Value, Strategy and CSR 3 Product Range and Positioning 7 Macro and Micro Environment Analysis 9 PEST Analysis 9 Value Chain Analysis 12 Future Challenges and Opportunities 15 Conclusions and Recommendations 16 References 19 Appendix: Self Reflection 21 Executive Summary Fashion retailing is a global enterprise.


The present report aims to identify the key macro and micro factors affecting Very online retailer. Very is one of the newest launches on Shop Direct, which is one of the top online retail brands in UK. This online retail brand has emerged as one of the favourite destination for youngsters, looking for fashionable and affordable brands. This report analyses the brand value and the strategies followed by the company. This section discusses the company objectives and the ethical policies it follows. In the next topic the financial details of the company are given. The company’s large product range has been highlighted. The positioning strategies of the company are discussed and analyses of their impact on the company’s operations have also been discussed. To find out the macro environment of the retail brand, PEST analysis is done. This will give a clear understanding of the current economic, social, political and technological changes within the country and how it has impacted the operations of the company. Value chain analysis gives a detailed layout of the flow of raw materials and other products from suppliers, to the warehouse, manufacturing and operational process and finally delivery of products to the customer doorsteps. ...
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