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Student Name: xxxxxx Student No. 12345 DELTA AIRLINES (A Competitive Analysis) Professor: ABC xxxxx xxxx College Department of xxxxx xxxxxx 30 April, 2013 Table of Contents Contents Page No Delta Airlines: A Brief History 03 Culture 04 Current Operations 04 Macro-level Analysis 05 PEST Analysis 05 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 07 Micro-level Analysis 08 Financial Ratios of Delta Airlines 10 References 13 DELTA AIRLINES: A BRIEF HISTORY Delta Airlines, based with headquarters at Georgia in the United States, is one of the oldest airline industries in the world as established in September, 1929.


Today the company consists of a fleet size of 722 different passenger and cargo aircraft as well as more than 80,000 employees working across the world. Company has its major assets at eleven airports and its 247 aircraft operate at 247 international routes (Delta Stats and Facts). By the end of 2011, Delta Airline was enjoying a net income of $854 million with its total assets around $43.49 billion (Delta Airlines Annual Report, 2011). After five years of operations, Delta Airlines got a contract from United States Post Office. This contract made the company to shift its major set up from Georgia to Dallas. The company shifted from Atlanta (Georgia) to Dallas on 5th August, 1934 and after seven years returned back to its parent city. With the passage of time, Delta Airline followed on growth strategy as in 1953, it acquired Southern Airways and Chicago. ...
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