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Retail Marketing: Burberry case study

Apart from having physical store, Burberry is embarking on online stores where potential buyers can view products and make their orders online. Burberry success in marketing is as a result of effectiveness of management. The strategic decisions made by management have determined the success of Burberry all along. The management team develops modifications, and initiatives that make Burberry have a competitive advantage. However, this was corrected and modifications made that made the brand to gain its competitive advantage back. Evolution and change Burberry, over years, has undergone changes that have kept it performing to date. In 2004, international retail marketing rose to about 8 % annually. That was sustained up to 2008, when the Japanese economy collapsed and its market declined by up to 9%. On 2010, retail marketing resulted to 58% revenue of the total revenue received. There is long history about forming and progression of this brand. Burberry was started in 1856 with the aim of manufacturing and selling weatherproof fabric. “Gabardine” fabrics made Burberry brand to gain the trust of most clients across the world. “Gabardine” fabrics became consumer target as it was the military choice. In the 19th century, raincoats from Burberry were used as the service uniform for military. ...
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RETAIL MARKETING: CASE STUDY: BURBERRY BARND Name University Course Instructor Date Introduction to Retail Marketing Burberry is a fashion business that engages in international trading in most parts of the world. Apart from retail marketing in most countries, Burberry group is also involved in manufacturing, designing and sourcing their products…
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