MKT302 Mod 3 Case: The Marketing Mix: Distribution Channels (Place)

MKT302 Mod 3 Case: The Marketing Mix: Distribution Channels (Place) Coursework example
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MKT302 Mod 3 Case: The Marketing Mix: Distribution Channels (Place) Overview In the process of marketing mix, distribution channel which is categorised under place segment plays a vital role for marketers to ensure that an organisation’s products receive enhanced viewer-ship and footfall from the prospective customers.


Appropriate Distribution Strategy for Each of the Products Distribution strategy requires to be primarily based on the aspect of gaining appropriate market coverage. In this regard, it is determined that distribution strategy can be categorised into three segments including intensive distribution, selective distribution and exclusive distribution. Intensive distribution is a process which is utilised to make distribution of low priced as well as impulse purchase based offerings. These offerings comprise soft drinks and chocolates among others. Similarly, selective distribution strategy refers to making distribution by the use of a limited number of retail based outlets. Household products, computers and appliances among others are generally strategized to be distributed under this method. An enhanced geographical reach can be attained through this method. In relation to exclusive distribution, it is determined that distribution process takes places within a particular outlet. Greater priced products which require the support of intermediary such as vehicles are distributed through this method. Generally, distribution of vehicles is made with the aid of dealers (Pierce College, n.d.; Iyer & Vilas-Boas, 2003). ...
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