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Marketing Essential Table of Contents Introduction 4 Executive Summary 4 Mission, Direction and objectives 5 Market Summary 6 Consumer Market 6 Business Market 6 Market Trend and Market Growth 7 Current Product offerings 7 Business Environment 8 SWOT Analysis 8 PESTLE Analysis 10 BCG Matrix 11 Porter’s Five Force Model 12 Key Issues 13 New product Development 13 Marketing objectives (SMART) 14 STP Analysis 14 Product and Brand decisions 17 Pricing Decision 18 Channel and Logistic Decision 18 Marketing Communications Decisions Tools 18 Customer Service and Internal Marketing 19 Marketing and Service Mix: 7Ps Framework 19 Financial Forecasting 22 Implementation and Control 23 Implementation 2


The organization has been effectively successful over the last 100 years. The organization has become an icon of global culture. The organization believes in partnership business with several bottlers around the globe. The organization has generated revenue of more than 35 billion US dollar in the year 2010. Moreover the organization has achieved a net income of almost 12 billion US dollar in the same year. These are quite impressive number. Presently the organization is operating in more than 200 countries (Vpcomn, 2008, p.2). Moreover, during this point of time near about 139,600 employees are working under the pay roll of Coca Cola (Vrontis, 2003, p.2). The following parts will reveal various marketing strategies and techniques implemented by Coca Cola in order to become one of the leading global soft drink brands. Executive Summary The leading global organizations are trying to capitalize on the opportunities that have been created due to globalization. ...
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