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Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Costco Retail Store-Santa Clarita Introduction Costco is a membership warehouse association that aims to give members competitive prices on wide selection of quality brand merchandise. It has many locations across the globe and offers expediency and exclusive associate member’s services.


The company’s typical warehouses measure and average 143,000 squire feet and the outlets operate approximately seven days a week. The core outlets comprise about 3300-3800 dynamic stock. The company’s reported total revenue for year ending August 2012 were $ 99 billion while the income was $ 2.8 billion. The company’s assets many fold surpass their liabilities indicating a stable company (Costco wholesale 1). Costco store layout, visual merchandising, customer service Store Layout There is a constant movement of items and sometimes confuse the price tags and disorient regular customers. This may mislead customers and they may be embarrassed when they are making payments at the teller. The store is fairly clean and the items are generally well organized and tidy. Similar items are located in close proximity hence this makes things easier for the customer. The stores have a specious layout for ample air circulation. There are fire equipments located strategically for ease of access. The high number of shoppers especially children accompanied by their children make the place especially the alleys very crowded. The concept of having food courts, gas stations, chemists, optical section, salon among others is well designed and located strategically within the outlets. ...
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