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Marketing is a management process that deals with the production promotion. The process entails carrying out effective market research in order to identify the market demands and therefore develop products and services that best address the customer issues.


Marketing is therefore an essential department in every organization since it deals with the product and service proportion thereby catering for the organization’s operations. The department works in close relation with other management departments to ensure the organization operates as a unified whole. In carrying out their mandate, the marketing department develops its operations depending on the nature of the target market for every product or service in the industry. Additionally, the department counsels the production department thereby ensuring that the company produces appropriate goods and services that meet the market demand. Apple manufactures hand held telecommunication devices such as tablets, computers, and laptops. However, the company’s products and services access the international market owing to the fact that some of the phones and products it manufactures are marketed globally. This implies that the company has a big market and therefore several competitors all that it must compete effectively against to maintain its operations. With this understanding, Apple has a dedicated marketing department, which has steered the organization through success within the years of its operations. ...
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