How to make a choice in marketing

How to make a choice in marketing Essay example
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Technology has been helping mankind in various ways, in almost all walks of life possible. There are a number of disadvantages associated with technology as well as many people are not able to cope up with the fast evolving nature of the same.


Although the purpose of technology is to simplify and improve our lives, it actually complicates our lives; we end up spending more money and enjoying less of life. Every single day a new phone or a laptop is introduced in the market by different companies making it impossible for the consumer to choose any one model. Earlier, there was a scarcity of choice, now consumers are feeling a pull on their pockets in order to not make unnecessary purchases and falter with their bank accounts. Keeping a track on money has become hard because newer technology helps to simplify a person’s life however, how much does a person purchase? Earlier, when GPS systems did not help man to find directions or iPods did not assist him during his long journeys, the distances were still covered. The use of technology has brought about an ease of access with respect to life itself - but at a heavy price. (Montgomery, Joseph) Therefore, one way by which technology is complicating a man’s life is by making it more and more expensive as well as creating excess competition among individuals as well as companies with regard to who produces or who buys the better technology. Soon enough, a man becomes caught up with his expenses and the amount that he has been setting aside in order to purchase newer and better forms of technology. ...
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