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The main objective of the blood donation campaign would be to arrange for blood donation campaign near universities, colleges and office areas. The blood donation campaign would be carried out in cities of Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria.


The collected blood will be supplied to the military camps, churches, community organizations etc for emergency purposes ( American Red Cross, 2010).The guidelines, benefits of the blood donation camp are available for free through social media networks like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (Donate Blood, 2013d).
Recruitment of first time blood donors require extensive identification, education and motivation. Training, educating and motivation these first time blood donors consumes a lot of time (Red Cross, 2010). The trainers have to maintain a record of the first time blood donors since the repeat donors are already provided with an identity card by the blood organizer camp. Apart from time consumption, the blood organizers have to deal with the pre donation anxiety and nervousness of the first time blood donors.
The benefits about blood donation are being taught to the college children, this has eased the task of the blood donation camps to communicate the benefits of blood donation. Technological development has made it easier for the blood donors to schedule their appointments online (Donate Blood, 2013e). ...
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