Answers to Burger King case study questions

Answers to Burger King case study questions Case Study example
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Burger King Case Study Factors responsible for the success of the Fast food chain The restaurant industry is divided into two broad categories; Full service restaurants and quick service or fast food restaurants (Gikonyo and Berndt 12). Fast food restaurants constitute of independent and chain restaurants which serve all types of food like pizza parlor, chicken grill, sandwich shops, hamburger joints etc (Gikonyo and Berndt 12).


Franchising helps to increase the profitability of the business and eliminate unnecessary start up cost. The success of the fast food industry does not only depend upon the franchising method but also depends upon implementation of effective marketing strategies. To achieve global leadership in its industry a fast food restaurant needs to set a series of financial goal and strategic goals. Global leadership by a fast food restaurant can be attained if a company is adept at discovering the new market opportunities, establishing a strong presence in the international markets and securing a competitive advantage. Effective strategic planning is required for attaining profitability in the domestic and international markets. Firstly, the management of the company needs to clearly define its reasons for expanding its operation in the foreign market. A comparative analysis of the political social, cultural environment of different countries would be required for screening purposes. Critical Success Factors are strongly related to the mission and strategic goals of your business or project. ...
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