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Castle Bingo
It has generated new customer segments with varied characteristics than offline players. The market of online bingo playing is increasing considerably. However, in order to take the advantage of these players there is a need to understand the differences in between offline and online players.


The research will be undertaken by using exploratory and mixed methods. These approaches will be appropriate for the research because it will effectively enable to understand the thoughts and perceptions of these two customer segments. Furthermore, in order to collect information about the players, questionnaire method has been suggested. The data would be analysed by measures of dispersion method and descriptive analysis technique. It will not only help to understand the research phenomenon but also help to describe the reason behind it.
By undertaking the literature survey on the topic, it has been found that online gaming is an international business and many strong players are trying to create a strong position in this business. However, since online gaming is a new phenomenon, targeting these customers require different strategies than offline players. There are considerable differences and similarities between online and offline players.
Concentrating on this aspect, it is recommended that Castle Leisure needs to undertake a market survey in order to recognise the requirements of this new customer segment and comprehend how it is different from offline players. It has also been recommended that around 1000 samples would be studied on the basis of judgemental sampling method to gain a clear understanding about the market segment. ...
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