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The Marketing Strategy of Cell Phone Carriers in Africa. There are different environmental factors that cell phone carriers in African nations take into consideration when establishing new branches.


Operational Risk: This has to do with faulty infrastructure or imperfect logistics. In many African nations, there may not be enough roads or transport facilities to ensure that raw materials are accessed and products created on time. This is something that ends up adversely affecting productivity.
Political Risk: Political instability is something that has plagued many African nations in the past. This means that companies have to either ensure that they have government backing, in order to discourage would be attackers, or are located in a secure environment. On the other hand, they could simply purchase their own security teams. This, however, ends up being an additional cost.
Country/Culture Risk: When a country has been plagued in political strife for a long time, its citizens usually begin to view violence as being a normal part of life. This means that recklessness, the lack of law and order, and crimes such as stealing are seen as being normal. Theft of company resources, in such cases, can cause a company to use more capital than was originally planned, just to buy more assets and get adequate security. ...
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