Development and creation of effective advertising

Development and creation of effective advertising Essay example
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Advertising is a form of communication in the marketing section used to drive a certain feeling to the people through persuading, manipulating an audience to continue to take some new action towards the product being advertised.


Different writes argue about the effect of sex and gender in the development and creation of effective advertising. However, this paper provides an argumentative approach that contrast sex and gender perception in developing and creating an effective advertising. Body In developing and creation of effective advertising the company focuses grabbing the audience almost immediately. Effective advertising offers the audience the chance to view the products displayed. Effective advertising focuses directly to the people regardless of sex or gender and offer them the first glance of the advertisement. This kind of approach is beyond the gender codes since it focuses on the audience using an effective means. Most of the adverts come through the televisions, prints and other advertising mediums. The best kind of advert is that grabs the customer or the prospective audience in a second. This means that the advertisement should be attractive and designed with effective fonts that attract many people. The creative concepts are the advertisement’s central idea that grabs your attention and sticks the audience memory ...
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