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Running Head: Public Relations Public Relations [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] INTRODUCTION With the advancement of different forms of media, the importance of public relations in any sector is undeniable. It deals with the exchange of information between a person or organization and general masses.


ORGANIZATIONAL FUNCTIONS OF PUBLIC RELATIONS The focus of organizational functions of public relations is in protecting the company’s reputation and making sure that it maintains a cordial relation with its stakeholders. Following are some of the functions of Public Relations department in an organization: INTERNAL RELATIONS This is one of the most important and crucial aspects of public relations. Establishing a bond of trust between the employees and the employers can be a difficult job; however, it is very important. This directly affects the productivity of the organization while at the same creating valuable and irreplaceable assets for the employers (Lordan, 2003). Analysis has indicated that internal relations managers are responsible for internal communication in an organization that particularly focuses on avoidance of any conflicts, as well as resolution as well to ensure good reputation of the organization. Secondly, another imperative function of the internal relations managers is to ensure distribution of information to all members of the organization through company’s newsletter and e-platforms. It has been an observation that such managers also are responsible to arrange and organize different events and activities that work as motivation for the employees. ...
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