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Rate of customer satisfaction for Tesco’s Dietary food products Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Tutor’s Name Insert Date Section 1: Research Proposal Research problem Consumer awareness on healthy food products has been at an all time high in the recent years.


Consumer awareness on healthy products have therefore changed perceptions and hence buyer behaviour. As a result, businesses have to change their strategies and offer consumers diet food products, as they are commonly known. Tesco PLC has been on a campaign to ensure that it supplies diet products on its shelves. However, as a marketing objective it is important to examine the customer feedback regarding their healthy food products. This study, therefore, examines the extent to which Tesco’s dietary food products have faired on in the market concerning approval ratings of the supermarket chain’s customers. Background The twenty first century business environment has been dynamic especially in the area of consumer behaviour and the availability of awareness information. The views of the general population have been changing with regards to issues of climate change, environmental sustainability and healthy living (Nielsen, Siega-Riz and Popkin, 2002). Consequently, attitudes result into concerted actions by individuals who are consumers in the various markets (Mattes, 2009). On the other hand, with globalization, competition has been rife among enterprises and therefore creating a shift to the issue of customer service performance excellence. ...
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