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Public Relations Introduction Public Relations (PR) is often considered to be one of the vital instruments for effective communication with publics within the modern day business environment. However, PR is often perceived to be a challenging task when it comes to deal with Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs).


The primary reasons behind their failure to effectively, efficiently and consistently practice the PR have been further attributed with the lack of proper resources and ineffective time management as well as faulty resource allocation (Gale, 2007). Contextually, involving in community development activities is often considered as a vital strategy for promoting relationships as well as developing long-term prosperous ownership of initiatives with variety of important publics emphasizing on the sustainability needs of the organization through stakeholder engagement. In order to attain successful outcomes from the campaigns that are designed to promote healthy relationship with large group of population and encouraging behavioral change concerning with certain specific issues identified by NPOs, it is crucial that proper strategies and planning is devised prior to the commencement of the campaign. It is equally necessary that effective monitoring and evaluation is developed for ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the undertaken PR campaigns (Gale, 2007). ...
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