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Essay example - Online shopping is becoming more and more influences with people's life, how does the traditional bespoke tailoring in the fac

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HOW BESPOKEIN THE FACE OF CHALLENGES FIND A NEW WAY TO WORK by Name Presented to Instructor Course Institution City Date SYNOPSIS This article explores the conflict that is between bespoke tailoring and the internet marketing in the UK. It does this in order to analyze the place for the traditional technique in fashion design…

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This could be done through: emphasis on contemporary fashion or in the vast technological development, in order for bespoke to be widely available. The paper concludes by considering strategies that are realistic to sustain the accessibility, growth and development of mass marketing. INTRODUCTION Tailoring began in the nineteenth century as a result of the fashion of first coats. The coats required laborers that were skilled, to sew together the cut pieces of cloth by hand. ‘Tailor’ comes from the French word ‘Tailler’ that means ‘to cut’. On the other hand, ‘bespoke’ means to tell. Originally the customers told (bespoke) the tailor their exact suit specifications. Paying attention to detail and fit, the clients were guided by the tailor on cloth choice and cut. With the arrival of ready made fashion bespoke fashion declined gradually in popularity. Evidently, the bespoke’s techniques are recurrent in the trends of fashion. Bespoke tailors come up with designs that flatter, refines and accentuates human form. Special attention is given y quality, detail, and excellence in production. It takes up to forty hours of production to produce a bespoke suit on Savile row a London’s tailoring industry. Most of the work at bespoke industry is mostly done by hands. ...
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