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Starbucks Marketing Report Table of Contents Introduction 3 External Environment Analysis 3 PESTLE Analysis 4 Competitor Analysis 6 Customer Profile 7 Product Strategy 8 Pricing Approach 8 Place Access and Distribution 9 Promotion and Advertising 10 Impact of “e” Marketing and Social Media 11 Conclusion (SWOT Analysis) 12 Recommendations 13 References 15 Appendices 16 Introduction Starbucks is the leading roaster, brand and retailer of specialty coffee in the globe.


The organization is used to operate under Restaurant and Coffeehouse industry. The organization has started its operation in the year 1970 (Figure 1). The organization has its business footprint in Latin America, North America, Middle East, Europe and Pacific Rim. In the year 1998, the organization has successfully entered in UK market through the acquisition of 65 Seattle Coffee stores. Two organizations have shared a common culture. Moreover, the organization has focused on greater commitment by providing superior quality customised coffee. Starbucks has 149,000 employees according to the survey of 2012. In the year 2012, the organization has able to generate revenue of 13.29 billion US dollar. In terms of profit, Starbacks has achieved 1.38 billion US dollar. The operation market of Starbucks is very much potential as well as competitive. External Environment Analysis It is feasible that Starbucks has successfully entered in several potential international market places with proper realization and understanding of the impact of external environment factors on the business practices. ...
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