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PUBLIC RELATIONS IN ACTION (Marketing) Name of Student (author) Name of University PUBLIC RELATIONS IN ACTION The role of public relations in a traditional marketing plan or campaign is to enhance an organization's standing in the eyes of the general public.


If successful, this public relations can be translated into healthier bottom lines for the firm. Public relations can be considered as part of an overall comprehensive corporate communications plan, which includes advertising activities, sales promotions, merchandising, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and direct sales. The big idea behind a good public relations campaign is to project a positive image to all stakeholders. A good example is how a firm responds to a crisis, in a responsible, ethical and calm manner. This is the societal function of public relations in connection with the general external public. On the other hand, public relations has a second function. This is towards its employees. The people in any organization are its greatest and most valuable resources, repeated quite often to emphasize how treating people well translates into a well-run and highly-motivated group. In this regard, how a firm or organization treats its own employees is a reflection of its reputation, image, sense of responsibility, and the value it places on its human resources. A good public relations policy towards employees can affect the products and services it provides to the buying public. ...
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