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Ameren coporation

Ameren is also involved in purchases of power, which in this case refers to wind power. Ameren’s operations are based in generally three parts this includes: Ameren Missouri located in Missouri together with Ameren Illinois and the Merchant generation, but its current headquarters are based in the city of St. Louis, Missouri. The company engages in electric generation, electric transmission and the distribution business, with the inclusion of merchant electric generation businesses. The company in the broader sense has the primary role of rendering its services to the residential, commercial and industrial customers (Jerry 2010) Ameren Corporation came into being as of December 31, 1997; this was a result of the merging of Missouri’s Union Electric Company with the immediate neighboring Central Illinois Public Service Company. Ameren traces its history as early as of 1929, this was the time when the Bagnell Dam located in on the Osage River was completed and equally ended producing approximately 175 of megawatts for the Missouri’s Union Electric Company. Significantly in 1931 the Union Electric Light and Power was in need of additional generating sources and this saw the company immediately began to buy power from the then Keokuk, IA Dam, later the dam ended up being bought by the Union Electric. ...
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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Ameren Corporation Section I: Introduction/Background Ameren Corporation is a public utility operant in the United States and is of today a holding company for a number companies this includes both the energy and power companies, currently situated in St…
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