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Perhaps one of the reasons that Thomas Freidman chose to name his book The World is Flat in the manner that he did was due to the fact that few if any of his books would have sold had he included some derivative or discussion of globalization within the title.


Ultimately, the take away message that the reader is instilled with necessarily points definitively to the means by which globalization and the clear and incessant need for differentiation and change ultimately defines the current environment. In such a way, the preceding analysis will first seek to provide a general summary of Friedman’s book and then go on to draw inference with regards to how some of the key concepts and presentations that Friedman made can be utilized in an understanding how a firm/entity engages with a globalized appreciation for the 4P’s of marketing. Accordingly, through such an analysis, it is the hope of this author that the reader will gain a further level of inference with regards to the way in which Friedman presents his main argument as well as the applicable it and usefulness that these arguments have with relation to specific aspects of marketing that have been discussed thus far within this course. In this particular way, although Friedman engages with a host of topics, both historical and current, the ultimate goal of his piece is to instruct the reader with regards to the key changes that must take place within the current market in order for both the United States and the individual is this owner within it to continue to leverage degree of profit within the ever-changing dynamics of the global marketplace. ...
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