Evaluate at least three quality improvement processes

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EVALUATION OF QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROCESSES Name Professor’s Name Course Date Executive summary This report is to enable the company review among the available quality improvement processes and inform their decision to settle on the one that will enable the company produce competitive products at affordable costs.


The report therefore compares and contrasts three forms of quality improvement processes and among the discussed process, one favorable for the company is recommended to improve the performance of the company. Introduction The Baldrige criteria for performance excellence, ISO 9000 and the Six Sigma are three quality improvement processes that provide a completely new way of helping organizations improve in their performances. The first process focuses on the estimation of performance excellence of the organization as a whole starting from the management tracking all the results as exhibited by the organization. ISO 9000 on the other hand is a model that gives much weight on the product or the service and how it performs in the market. The inefficiencies of the products or the service are then fixed for better performance (Harrington, 2001). In this category, we have the six sigma; this constantly measures the quality of the product while improving the engineering process to result into an improvement of the process and saves the costs of the organization. In an effort to know which will be applicable to improving the performance of this company in terms of saving cots and realizing profitability, we have to analyze the three intensively (Dew & Nearing, 2004). a. ...
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