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Marketing Consumer Behaviour Report Name Institution Date Marketing Consumer Behaviour Report Context and Problem/Opportunity According to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, less of a tenth of Australian citizens donate blod on a regular basis. This is hardly enough to cater or the requirements of Australia’s hospitals as accidents in which vicitims require blood transfusions are calamities that occur on a regular basis.


However, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service has found that the youth are usually reluctant to donate blood for a variety of reasons (Australian Red Cross Service, 2007). This organization also found that most Generation Y members, who, at present, make up the youth and young adult population, are not likely to donate blood unless they receive some type of benefit for their assistance (Russell-Bennett, Hartel, Russell, & Previte, 2012). The Australian Red Cross Blood Service faces several challenges in ensuring that there are adequate supplies in blood banks. There is a need to inform Australians of the need to donate blood on a regular basis, but is forbidden from using the mass media to bear this message to the public. Literature Review In general, people today are less likely to make altruistic contributions to the betterment of society. Most people feel irritated when confronted by people seeking for money or other physical goods. The donation of blood calls for a person to do more than the mere donation of money (Kottasz, 2004). This is why blood donations are perceived in a different way from money donations. ...
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