Can Advertisers Catch Your Attention

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Can Advertisers Catch Your Attention Name: Institution: Can Advertisers Catch Your Attention Advertising is the communication form marketers use to manipulate, persuade or encourage specific audiences to take new action or continue with what they have previously practiced with regards to commercial offerings (Eskilson, 2007).


It will further explain why the advertisement did a good job in convincing the target market into taking action and suggest other ways the advertisers could get the target market’s attention. The Brand The anti-obesity theme in the “coming together” campaign by Coca-Cola is attention-catching as it touches on a sensitive issue in the American community and, indeed, worldwide. The corporate branding that runs for two minutes was well thought, planned and executed. Most consumers react favorably when advertisers communicate with them with respect and intelligence (Statt, 1977). It marked a strategic and successful shift from the traditional humorous and dreamy approach consumers have long associated with the brand. “Coming together” applies serious commentary to a similarly serious matter in America, and its authenticity is acknowledged and appreciated in the responses received from consumers. The advertisement shows that the brand is evolving with times, innovating constantly to meet the dynamic needs and wants of consumers. The Target Group The advertisement is designed to appeal to a diverse target group. ...
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