Branding, Pricing and Distribution

Branding, Pricing and Distribution Assignment example
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Branding Bevret’s target segment is the end users as well as the wholesalers and distributors, along with the distribution channels such as pubs and restaurants. However, the end consumers matter the most. Branding should leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of the consumers.


Based on psychographic variables, BEVRET offers a drink not just to quench thirst but as a lifestyle beverage. Thus the beverage should be promoted as a drink that stirs imagination. The tagline for the brand should be Drink fresh; Live life! Or, we love to see you live! This is meant to attract people who want to really live and not just exist! Brands are sold through feelings and the brand should be able to create an emotional link between the consumer and the brand (Moorthi, 2004). The logo should be trendy and carry the flavor of the new age and be futuristic. It should feature in all points of communication. Since most popular brands in Europe have been selling for a long time, BEVRET should create a point of differentiation in packaging. This differentiation is essential as the product will sit on the shelf with probably ten other products. It should use neon colors in packaging because color is the first touch point with the customer. Color influences emotion and the first point of interaction is shaped by color. About 60-80% of the purchase decision is based on product color (Markowitz, 2010). Neon colors are bright and attract immediate attention. Apart from color, packaging should also focus on the container in which beer is sold. ...
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