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Marketing Plan project Introduction The leading organizations around the globe are trying to capitalize on the advantages that have been created due to globalization. There are certain business segments that are not effectively covered or tapped. Several innovative and intelligent entrepreneurs have constantly doing research in order to develop a new business idea to implement in this competitive global market place.


There is a huge need for this kind of product among the people. The following study will provide some information and will develop a marketing plan for this developed product. Economic Environment and Competitive Environment Analysis US are one of the strongest, leading and developed economies in the world. The recent global recession in the year 2007-08 and the European financial crisis in the year2008-09 have affected the economic situation of the country. Most importantly, this economic downturn has affected the social and economic life cycle of a country. The per capita income of people has gone down due to this recession. Moreover, this unfavorable economic situation of the country has impacted negatively on the economic growth of the country. Currently, it is feasible that, the disposable income of people has gone down comparing to the pre era of global recession. Now-a-days, people are trying to save more rather than consuming. Several economic policies such as high tax rate, limited government expenditure has affected the economic situation of the country very badly. Looking into these factors, it can be said that, the country is still suffering from the impact of economic downturn. ...
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