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Public Relations Name: Institution: Public Relations Public Relations (PR) refers to the science and art of managing how information flows between organizations or individuals and the public. Because public opinion and image are critical aspects of an organization, PR managers strive to make their organizations’ win public trust and become positive and ethical role models (Marshall, 2002).


This paper will explain societal and organizational functions of PR, citing an example of an issue from an organization. It will further explain how the example used would be addressed both on societal and organizational levels. American Apparel is a youth attire brand in the United States that employs the services of professional designers, marketers and managers. Being among the top homegrown brands, the organization betrayed the loyalty of their customers as well as its corporate responsibility by taking advantage of a disaster and using it to market its products. During the event of Hurricane Sandy, the organization sent an email blast encouraging retailers to shop online within a 36-hour period and get a 20 percent discount. The marketing effort turned into an insult when it suggested that the customers were bored after being trapped in their homes by the hurricane, hence it was offering an escape from boredom. The PR officials had done a poor job in their social functions, because property and life had been destroyed, with millions of the trapped victims left without electrical power to even get online, yet no apology was offered for the offensive email blast. ...
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