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Brand audit Introduction: The Big Issue “The Big Issue” (TBI) is one of the most renowned entertainment magazines of United Kingdom (UK). It was launched in the year 1991 by Gordon Roddick and John Birdin in response to the increased number of homeless people in UK (Big Issue, 2013d).


The TBI magazine is sold by the vendors who are homeless in UK (Big Issue, 2013d). Brand Audit A brand audit is conducted to examine the current strategic position of the company, identify the areas which are of additional value and suggest recommendations to improve the brand image of the company. A brand audit is conducted periodically by the management of the company to assess the market position of the company and that of its competitors. The study will conduct a brand audit of the TBI magazine to understand its current market position and suggest ways to strengthen its brand image further. Brand Score Card Firstly, The Brand Score Card would be conducted to measure the performance of TBI. The four major dimensions of the scorecard would be functional performance, convenience of access of the products, brand personality and pricing of the product (Pfoertsch and Kotler, 2006). Functional Performance TBI is the only street entertainment magazine in UK; it provides employment opportunities, financial assistance and housing facilities to the homeless people of UK. Apart from being a magazine seller, TBI also acts a charitable organization accepting donations from individual for providing facilities for the homeless people. Currently, the TBI magazine provides employment opportunities to more than 2000 homeless people of UK. ...
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