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Interview on perceptions of a product or service and ways of motivating customers and increasing customer satisfaction - Assignment Example

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Interview on perceptions of a product or service and ways of motivating customers and increasing customer satisfaction

The product is intended to be utilised as a night and day-wearing product, wearable under make-up as an all-day moisturizer, designed to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Time Zone line contains a blend of antioxidants, Vitamin C and exclusive Cell Vector technology that assist in not only skin hydration, but to repair cellular damage. The product’s trademarked Tri-HA Cell Signalling Complex is included in the product in order to motivate skin to increase production of the natural hyaluronic acid that plumps up skin and reverse the signs of normal aging (Estee Lauder 2013). The product retails between ?70 and ?105 for a 48.19 gram product and 70.87 gram portion, respectively. This product is positioned as a luxury product on the market, backed by 67 years of competitive branding and promotion and is therefore targeted to the high resource buyer. 2. Perception, motivation and satisfaction – A review of literature Perceptions of product value impacts consumer satisfaction (Tam 2004). However, what is considered to be valuable is unique to different consumer segments based on their lifestyles, beliefs, resource availability, and assessment of how the product can provide meaning or self-expansion to the consumer. ...
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Interview on perceptions of a product or service and ways of motivating customers and increasing customer satisfaction BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Interview on perceptions of a product or service and ways of motivating customers and increasing customer satisfaction 1…
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