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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Managed innovation The products' life cycle is drastically becoming smaller with time in comparison to the past. It is quite notable that in the technological devaluation of the products is moving at a high speed especially in the information technology industry.


Competition brings in the need for companies to be innovative so as maintain and improve their market position. For a company to achieve all this, it must know how to identify the correct innovation management tools, which are of exceptional significant in realizing its goals. The key to a better innovation process is management of the innovation process. What is innovation? Does managed innovation promote innovation process? What are the gains and losses of managed innovation? The term innovation refers to a process of transforming plans into products to increase customer’s value. Innovation process is the key to success of a company. The need to rise to the top is the main reason why many American companies have ended up falling in love with the innovation idea. It is notable that there are vast dangers that arise with the innovation process. Majority of the companies view innovation as an idea that only benefits the company and thus causing them to keep innovating in all fields of the company. However, innovation is a costly process, disruptive and difficult. It is essential to consider both the cost of innovation and the benefits that it will bring so as to place innovation and innovators at the right places. For a company like Google, it took years to gain its current status in the world. Good management strategies have enabled Google to be on the forefront in innovation. ...
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