How has the UK retail sector adapted to recent changes in the economic climate effectively?

How has the UK retail sector adapted to recent changes in the economic climate effectively? Literature review example
Literature review
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Running Head: Literature Review Literature Review [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Financial Crisis: Causes & Effects 3 Impact of the Financial Crisis on the worldwide Retail Sector 6 Overview of the UK Retail Sector 8 Effect of Recession on the UK Retail sector 9 Future Expectations 10 Characteristics of the UK Retail Sector 11 Food retailing 11 Private Labels in Retail Grocery segment 12 Share of profitability in Food Retailing 12 Internet Retailing in Food and Grocery 13 Efforts of the UK Government 14 Efforts undertaken under Gordon Brown tenure 14 David Cameron’s Approach 14 External and Internal Factors influencing Business Pe


The chapter will follow a systematic procedure by introducing first the financial crisis, its reasons, and effects in United Kingdom. Discussion on UK’s retail sector and its major characteristics would follow the discussion on financial crisis. Then, the chapter would go on to shed some light on the impact of financial recession on UK’s retail sector and specifically the food segment. This section would also include highlighting the recent steps that the government has taken to rescue or support the retail sector from the recession. Important here to note is that since the retail sector of United Kingdom is very huge to be captured into a single study, the focus would remain on Tesco and Marks & Spencer, which are two of the biggest retailers operating in United Kingdom. Financial Crisis: Causes & Effects The Global Financial Crisis had a profound impact on almost all parts of the world. ...
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