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Public Relations [Author] [Institution] Public Relations The organizational function of public relations is a very important aspect in businesses that aim to achieve success. It is however important to understand that the public relations do not only depend on a business spokesperson who delivers the message to the stakeholders.


In case of any issues arising, the businesses have to ensure that the specialists are using their expert knowledge and skills of communications to deal with the stakeholders to maintain the healthy relationships. Usually the need for specialists arises when businesses go through controversial issues (Travis, 2013). McDonalds is a multinational fast food restaurant and apparently the world’s largest hamburger sellers. McDonalds operate in more than 119 countries and serve up to 68 million customers every day. A survey of their recipes in 2004 in United States showed that they use trans-fat, artificial sweeteners and petro chemicals in their products. This was a controversial issue since it said to harm the lives of the customers. Trans-fat is used to enhance the taste of their meals and make it addicting for the customer so that he spends more money on McDonald meals. The food containing trans-fat can damage DNA, arteries, bad cholesterol and raises the risk of coronary heart diseases. This issue was a major reason why McDonalds sales and market image was affected. Many controversies still exist today and campaigns are done to ban products that include trans-fat. ...
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