Sales, selling and new product initiatives

Sales, selling and new product initiatives Essay example
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Sales, Selling and New Product Initiatives Name: Institution: Date of submission: Sales, Selling and New Product Initiatives During the launch of a new product various challenges may be experienced inclusive are environmental factors such as internal factors and external factors.


The marketing decisions of Avene Company are greatly influenced by the support offered by employees, stakeholders, and board of directors to the top management since this has influence on the implementation of the marketing decisions. To achieve the set objectives of marketing, cost has to be incurred. Therefore, revenue and other financial factors such as capital structure, financial position, and financial policies are essential in the implementation of a marketing plan of Avene Company. Avene Company has to design its product by attractive packaging of the cream in an air-tight bottle to ensure safety. This enables Avene gain a competitive advantage over other cosmetic Companies. The quality and quantity of the improved face cream formula is handled by manufacturing department of Avene(Agnihotri & Rapp, 2010, p. 63). Thus, factors which influence the competitiveness of firms are production capacity, efficiency, and technology of the productive gadgets together with the channels of distribution. Avene should ensure that their image and brand equity are standard compared to those of their competitors since they have a direct bearing on marketing efficiency. Given a good Company image and successful formed ventures and alliances then, launching the improved formula cream will not be a challenge whatsoever. ...
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