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Organizational and Societal Functions of Public Relations Name Course Name Instructor Date Public Relation is a part of Integrated Marketing Communications, Integrated Marketing communications guarantees that all types of communications are care connected.


Thus, PR can be defined as the management function that recognizes, ascertains and upholds communally valuable relationships between an organization and the various publics on whom its success or failure depends (Lattimore et al, 2004). Categorically, organizational functions of PR are activities carried out by an organization for its own benefit. On the other hand, societal functions of PR are activities carried out by a business for the advantage of the society alone. I have chosen Metro Toronto Inc as an organization, Metro Toronto Inc is a retail company operating in the food industry in Montreal, Canada. Metro Toronto Company is one of the largest grocers in Canada having over 200 locations all over the cities of Ontario and Quebec. Metro Toronto Inc buying group is currently created in a specific economic context. Moreover, in order to fulfill the functions of PR, Metro Toronto Inc considers factors such as the type of product market, the channel intentions, the consumer promptness to purchase, the company’s focus and the cost. On the other hand, according to Lam, (2000) the organizational functions of public relations comprises of community relations, the media, consumer relations, exposure, industry relations, governmental and political campaigns in which each carries out its own function. ...
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