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My Experience as a Project Manager of IRTC As a project manager, I have an adequate experience of procurement management since the start of my position in Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRTC). It was challenging but I enjoyed most of my tasks.


The bidding procedures have brought several challenges to the entire department. As the project head, I see to it that we can follow a strategic plan from inviting suppliers to present proposals to closing a contract from one of the suppliers that has passed the eligibility checked. It’s easier said than done. A procurement plan is simpler than the actual process. In the preceding paragraphs, I will explain in details the highlights of my role as the project manager and procurement head. As I’ve said, my role has been associated from the very start of the procurement procedure which involve expert judgment and using appropriate criteria to identify the scope of work that best suit our current project few suppliers has presented on our department during the opening of bids. Prior to that, I and my committee would develop a qualified sellers list that would enumerate several companies that offer similar projects of standard quality. I am studying, not only the present standing of these suppliers, but their completed projects over the past years. This examination will include product or service package like discounts, after sales service, warranty and the like. Our invitation to bid letters will be sent to the chosen suppliers who have passed our criteria. ...
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