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Electronic Media: An Element of Popular Culture

The paper outlines the role of technology and media in general for the "popular culture". With the advancement of technology, the expansion of electronic media took a swifter pace and became inevitable for the existing societies. Thus, print media, telecommunication, social media networks, news broadcasts, documentaries and discoveries, reality TV shows, music and film industry played key role in forming and sustaining perceptions all around the globe. Therefore, one assumes that values, beliefs and popular trends were primarily generated by the electronic media representatives and later they were depicted in idealistic manner so to form pop-culture trends. For example, with the increased advertisements of tourist spots travelling trend increased for Malaysia, Hawai and many other countries. Thus, people planned to spend their vacations on promising luxurious spots shown on television to taste the ecstasy, promised by the advertiser. If we observe peculiarly, electronic media has a dominant position in our lives. We cannot consider our lives without it and some of us completely rely on it for our social life as well. We begin our day either with a news paper or quick updates of news from BBC or CNN, our success and failures are posted on the social media network and we expect our friends and acquaintances to respond over there. Our dietary plan directly comes from commercials or health and fitness shows. Our dressing trend is influenced from the magazines like People, Time, Elle, Glamour, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Seventeen, Life, Playboy and Maxim. ...
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This paper tells about such term as "popular culture". The term ‘Popular culture’ pertains to the idea of prevalent customs or trends in the customary society. Thus, it signifies that; the actions practiced by general public of any society become popular culture trends…
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