Canon's international market

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An analysis of Canon’s international market BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE ABSTRACT Canon is very adept in creating customised promotion and positioning strategies to meet with market characteristics that are diverse across the world. Chinese citizens are hedonistic and swayed strongly by group sentiment in the social environment whilst Japanese consumers, the home country, are attracted to Canon through years of perception of quality built with longevity as a brand in this country.


Research identifies, further, little to no influence in the country of origin effect for this brand. 1.0 Introduction Canon, founded in 1937, is a Japanese multinational brand that focuses on several different markets. The brand specialises in the production of photocopiers, digital and movie production cameras, printers and household camcorders. In 2012, Canon maintained nearly 21 percent market share among competition for sale of copiers and computer printers (Tonerfabrik 2013). It is through innovation, rather than standardisation, that Canon is able to capture such high market share in computer hardware and peripherals, consistently making improvements to product design and functionality in order to achieve target market interest. Canon operates in a very competitive international market, with major brand-recognised names such as Nikon, Hewlett-Packard, and Samsung maintaining the most prominent competitive forces. Furthermore, Canon provides products to Japanese, Chinese, European and North American consumers, with each market maintaining different needs for functional camera and computer peripheral equipment. ...
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