The concept of Hybridism (the production of hybrids*) is central for a sustainable retail business'

The concept of Hybridism (the production of hybrids*) is central for a sustainable retail business
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  Hybridism Name: Institution:       Hybridism Introduction Retailing refers to the process of selling specified services and commodities to the consumers. Retailing customarily entails the selling of small lots or individual units to numerous clients by a business designed for that specified duty.


In addition, the demands of clients are also changing quickly. We reside in a world of instantaneous gratification, the anticipation of personalized services, and access to advanced knowledge at the fingertips. Retailers are compelled to go beyond the expectations of the customer so as to create loyalty. The duty of the retail store is moving from being concerned with transaction, to concentrating on interaction. Retailers can develop an emotional link between products or brands and customers by concentrating on the interaction. Moreover, understanding that buying choices are formed on the basis of emotion is the foundation of the evolution in retailing. Hybridism refers to the concept of producing hybrids. Hybridism entails the mixture of one or more services and one or more goods, creating additional customer advantage than if the goods and services were availed in separate places. Hybridism plays a part in providing remarkable and new commodities and services in areas as diverse as finance, transportation, and education (Krafft & Mantrala 2006, pp. 24). This paper will analyze the validity of the statement, the concept of hybridism is central for a sustainable retail business, in light of the understanding of the retail evolution, forms of ownership, and marketing mix. ...
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