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In order to conduct an industry analysis, Porter’s Five Force analysis has been implemented. In terms of Under Armor, the bargaining power is high due to the availability of several potential competitors and an intensive price war competition within the market place.


Under Armor

Threat of new entrant is low as the new organization has to face a huge competition from the existing competitors. Moreover, the new organizations have to face several legal barriers in order to enter this industry. Industry Rivalry Threat of industry rivalry is high due to the existence of several potential brands in the global market such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, and RBK. It has been identified that the global sports apparel industry is becoming potential and competitive. Under Armor is a popular US based sports apparel brand. The organization is operating successfully in several developed and developing countries around the globe. Moreover, several athletes and sports people love to consume the products of this brand.
Under Armor is one of the leading and popular sports accessories and clothing organization. The organization is popular for its casual and sports apparel all over the world. Various sports gears under this specific brand are available across the globe. It has evidenced that the design, quality, and various product ranges have increased the popularity and brand awareness of the company around the globe. The target market of Under Armor has been provided below considering several factors.The organization has implemented a reasonable pricing strategy comparing to other competitors. Moreover, they have a strong presence in the global sports apparel market. . Due to the effective product quality and effective product differentiation strategy the organization has created a strong and potential customer base around the globe. ...
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