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Kilian perfume brand in the UAE market 1. Macro-environmental Analysis 1.1 Economic United Arab Emirates is ranked as seventh largest oil producer in the world. It provides minimal restriction and encourages free economy that supports international trade, private sector activities and capital movement.


The GDP per capita as on 2012 is $49,000 that positions it at rank 16 as compared to other countries2. 1.2 Demographic UAE is considered to have the world’s third best demographic profile after Qatar and Macau (China). According to the reports of the International Labour Organization a quarter of the population is estimated to be 4.8 million and is categorised under non-working age who are dependent either on their family members or on support from the government3. 1.3 Social and Cultural After Abu Dhabi started to export oil, the society of the country also started to transform. Emiratis are traditionally conservative but UAE is considered to one of the most liberal countries in the Gulf. Other believes and cultures are tolerated especially in Dubai4. 1.4 Technology UAE has spent about $5 billion (Dh 18.36 billion) as an investment towards technological upgradation. The main aim behind doing this was to make UAE the fastest growing region of the world in spending towards information technology5. 1.5 Political Politically the region remains authoritarian. Until 2006 it remained as the as the only country that do not have elected bodies. In 2012 restriction was introduced related to usage of internet. However the authority of UAE tries to reduce the dependency on oil export and diversify the economy by creating boom in the tourism, construction and business sector6. 2. ...
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