Marketing Strategy for Business ''Express Star''

Marketing Strategy for Business
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Marketing Strategy of Express & Star Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 1.0 Executive Summary 3 2. Internal and external analysis 10 3. Two Strategic options 23 4. Final strategic choice 33 5. Implementation 36 6. Conclusion and recommendations 38 Reference 40 Appendix 1 44 Appendix 2 45 Appendix 3 49 1.0 Executive Summary Express & Star is one of the daily titles of MNA media and boasts as one of the largest daily newspapers sold in UK.


The company is looking for ways to use the brand value of MNA and gain trust held within the market it serves (Andereck, 2005). At present the company is setting up a new business arm completely different from the present business units. It has decided to open up a new recruiting agency by the name Star Employment Service. Other than that there are plans to build new revenue streams, which will either complement the existing media products or will lead to new business opportunities away from the traditional business model (Abratt et al. 2011). The present research paper endeavors to produce a rough sketch of the marketing strategy that Express & Star can follow. The current strategy of Express & Star and its applicability, benefits are discussed in the present business environment. Then a detailed external and internal analysis is produced to reflect the best strategic option available to Express & Star. The choice of the most suitable strategy is explained with justification, and then followed up with subsequent implementation. It is finished off with the inclusion of the control systems to keep the changes within the desired level. ...
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