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Marketing research strategy for a case study Name: Course: Professor: Institution: City and State: Date: Executive summary This paper will cover problem statement and the research methodology of ‘Schoolies’ Week – a tourism event that takes place in Australian Gold Coast, involving students who have completed their Year 12.


This matter has been made worse by a section of the media, which has published derogatory article showing that the event should not be sponsored by the government. Another section of the public argues that the event benefits commercial businesses in the Gold Coast, and hence it is not worth government sponsorship. The following report is prepared with the aim of justifying the current financial commitment for the event. Table of Contents Problem statement 4 Background 4 Management Decision Problems 4 Marketing Research Problem (MRP) questions/statement 5 Research objectives 5 Proposed mixed method to address MRP 5 The proposed Research design 5 Data collection instruments – questionnaire 7 Sampling plan, data collection procedures and data analysis 8 Key limitation of the study design 10 Independent-samples t-tests 10 Analysis of variance (ANOVA) 12 Bivariate correlation coefficient matrix 14 References 15 PART A Problem statement Background ‘Schoolies’ week is a major tourism attraction event, which takes place annually at the Gold Coast, Australia. The event, which attracts many sponsors and participants, is usually attended by students who have completed their Year 12 (the final year at high school). ...
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