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Contemporary Issues in Marketing Introduction The foundation of any marketing strategy is on the pillars of marketing mix. The strategy of a brand is established in a structured and systematic manner by the use of marketing mix. Through the mix the marketer is able to create a link with the targeted group.


Though the customers perceive the whole thing as a single offering but actually customers reacts differently to each element of the marketing mix. If each part of the marketing mix acts differently and contradicts each other, then it creates an ambiguous effect that makes the customers behave in a confused manner and they tend to purchase product from other companies who have defined brands (Foxall, 1981). The method of marketing mix is used by the marketing manager to produce optimal response in the target market. By creating a perfect blend of the marketing mix elements such that they are utilized in an optimum way. All the elements in the marketing mix are controllable variable and can be altered to meet the need of the target market and the environment. Hence marketing mix is most useful tool to design the strategy and achieve success in the target market (Bootwala, Lawrence and Mali, 2009; Botha, Bothma and Brink, 2005). This study focuses on the use of the marketing tool for a restaurant chain in London that aims to generate a positive experience for the customers. Marketing Mix for the service chain The marketing mix for the service industry deals with the 7P’s like product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence. ...
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