Buyer Behaviour - Volkswagen Beetle: Think Small

Buyer Behaviour - Volkswagen Beetle: Think Small Essay example
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Buyer Behavior- Volkswagen Beetle Customer inserts his/her name Course title Instructor’s name Institution’s name Department’s name Date Volkswagen employed a radical ad campaign to sell Beetle to the U.S market. The reason for this aggressive strategy was that World War II had recently taken place and this model had been built in Germany which could easily account for its failure in the U.S.


This campaign came at a time when American customers were being enticed to ‘think big’ and flaunt their status by owning big possessions. This ad stood out from the rest simply because it had sufficient white space and was colored black and white deliberately to differentiate it from other ads in U.S which used exotic colors, pleasant visuals, large logos, and huge illustrations. Although the black and white ads may have been disappointing for some customers; they created a high level of contrast owing to the use of white space that allowed visuals to pop from the sheet. Headlines that were hand-lettered were also common (Einstein, 2010) (Appendix 1). Furthermore, photography was at an infancy level and majority of the ads employed illustrations or artwork to convey the message to the intended audience (Batra, 2004). This ad, however, appeared to be realistic during such times when other ads were overly fantasized. Furthermore, at that time cars were not just used as a means of family transport (such as dropping children to school) but as a status symbol and fashion statement. Hence, the product attributes shown did not pertain to lifestyle. ...
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