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As was discussed in the text, the need to create value in any product is a necessity in order to ensure that the consumer integrates with the product in a positive manner and provides a degree of promotion and longevity to whatever product or service is considered.


In very much the same way, the article in question analyzes the means by which thou you based marketing can be used in pharmaceuticals to ensure that long-term ability to innovate and value is not lost. Moreover, the article indicates that the pharmaceutical firms have suffered a great deal with regards to public image in the past three years as exorbitantly high prices have not been able to integrate correctly with the simplistic definition about you based marketing which is as follows: value= benefit/cost. Naturally, an understanding of value-based marketing that would seek to promote a level of continued good or service availability and favorable consideration would necessarily place a positive and larger value of benefit once the entire equation has worked out. In much the same way, the article seeks to engage the consumer of pharmaceuticals in a way that actively promotes a “language of value”. Although pharmaceuticals has been used as the case in point for this particular article review, the fact of the matter is that any and every product must engage in value-based marketing if it intends on its product or service offerings to continually be integrated with in a positive manner by the consumer base. ...
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