IMC and Customer Satisfaction

IMC and Customer Satisfaction Assignment example
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IMC and Customer Satisfaction: BERVET Alcohol and Beer Marketing Management-500 Esosa Dickey Strayer University Dr. Kay Green Date: Integrated marketing communications The term integrated marketing communications (IMC) has been coined in the mid 1990s and has become internationally well known since then.


However, from an in depth understanding of the different ways of marketing communication this process would be discussed in detail in this paper in the context of marketing activities of the BERVET. The process of integrated marketing communications fundamentally refers to “the strategic analysis, choice, implementation and control of all elements of marketing communications which efficiently, economically and effectively influence transactions between an organization and its existing and potential customers, consumers and clients” (Smith, Berry & Pulford, 1999). In simple words it is the way in which an organization manages and controls all its market communications. It is ensured that the messages, personality of the company and its brand positioning in the market is delivered across all the elements of the market by utilizing a single and consistent strategy (Smith, Berry & Pulford, 1999). This process is applicable to any type of company dealing with any type of product or service, however, BERVET can customize each step of this process in order to fit the bill of the goods and services offered by it. ...
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