Analyzing and Reporting Results

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Analyzing and Reporting Results Name Course University/College Date Analyzing and Reporting Results Organisational buyers are the individuals in charge of buying or purchasing products and services for governments, organisations and businesses. They purchase products and services professionally after making decisions for their organisations.


They are more focused on the profitability, and will mostly buy competitive products, raw materials and parts for manufacturing purposes (Brenkert, 2008). Institutional buyers are firms and individuals who are more sophisticated and recognized by the financial institutions. Intermediate organizations buy bulky amounts of products and raw materials for distributions to the consumer. They include wholesalers, importers and distributors. Governments and public sector organizations are the ones regulated by the government. These are basically the federal, the state and local agencies that buy goods and services for the citizens they serve. Organizational buyers are typically the people who buy goods in bulk and not for consumption. This is also known as business buying. Consumers on the other hand can be categorized into seasonal, personal, need based, impulse, discount driven or habitual consumers. Seasonal consumers are those that buy season based goods that are demanded only at certain times. Personal consumers purchase goods for the sole purpose of household, family or personal needs. Impulse consumers are the consumers who buy products with no prior plans of buying (Malhotra, 2010). Need based consumers are the consumers who buy goods only when they need them for certain purposes and not any other time. ...
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